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Things You Should Know About MSM

Mother Nature made our bodies so that they can make new cells every day of our lives. It is very important that our glands put out the right enzymes and hormones to regulate and keep our bodies healthy. Without the proper amount of sulfur or MSM in our system, we cannot produce good, healthy cells. We can get this essential nutritional sulfur from some of our foods: milk, fruits, vegetables, meat and fish, but we lose most of this absolutely important mineral by heating, drying and processing our food. When our system is deficient in MSM, our bodies cannot make enough good cells to overcome the effects of the bad cells. We then are subject to various illnesses, aches, pains and allergies until we correct the problem with good healthy cells. The body wants to heal itself, if it can get the proper nourishment. We all need a little extra MSM each day for good health! The body uses up 1/8 teaspoon of MSM each day during resting time alone. Active bodies or ailing bodies need more. If you really want to feel good and normal Again...Try MSM!


Scientists don’t yet know precisely the normal functions of MSM in the human body. At the Oregon Health Sciences University there have been many observations of what MSM can achieve in the way of health and well-being when taken as a dietary supplement in doses of 250 to 750 milligrams per day. The following are some conditions helped by MSM.:  1.  Response to allergies. Oral MSM has alleviated the allergic response to pollen and to foods. The anti-allergic property of MSM is on par with or better than traditional antihistaminic preparations.   2.  Control of hyperacidity. Patients who have used antacids and histamine receptor antagonists to control hyperacidity can employ MSM with excellent results.   3.  Control of constipation. Patients with chronic constipation have had prompt and continuing relief with a daily supplement of 100 to 500 mgs of MSM orally.

WHERE IS MSM FOUND?:  MSM is an abbreviation for ‘methyl-sulfonyl-methane’, and is an organic form of sulfur. Unlike the yellow sulfur found near natural hot springs, the white sulfur in MSM is bound to an organic molecule, thus rendering it bioavailable for living creatures. MSM is a metabolite of DMSO, and both MSM and DMSO transfer sulfur through the global sulfur cycle. Sulfur originates from phytoplankton in the ocean, then evaporates into the air and is incorporated in the clouds, then falls to earth in raindrops, and finally is absorbed by plants. The MSM we ingest in fresh fruits, vegetables, and milk contributes essential sulfur for the synthesis of connective tissue, enzymes and immunoglobulin. Sulfur is an important element in the formation and good health of hair and nails. Fine food-grade MSM is commercially available. Vegetables long known for their health benefits, such as garlic and onion, contain significant amounts of MSM. Much of this MSM found in plants, however, is lost in even the most minimal processing and handling. An example of this is found in the agricultural world. Fresh alfalfa contains measurable quantities of MSM, whereas it is almost non-detectable in dried hay. The potential benefits of MSM are numerous.

WHAT ABOUT TOXICITY?:  MSM is rated as one of the least toxic substances in biology, similar in toxicity to water. Common table salt is much more toxic than MSM. The lethal dose, LD5O,of MSM for mice is over 20 g/kg of body weight. When MSM was administered orally to human volunteers, no toxic effects were observed at intake levels up to 1 gm/kg of body weight per day for 30 days. Intravenous injections of 0.5 gm/kg daily for five days per week produced no measurable toxicity in human subjects. MSM has been widely tested as a food ingredient without any reports of allergic reactions. An unpublished Oregon Health Sciences University study of the long term toxicity of MSM over a period of six months shows no toxic effects. More than 12,000 patients have been treated at the Oregon Health Sciences University with MSM at levels above 2 grams daily with no serious toxicity.

WHAT CAN MSM DO FOR US? The following are conditions common to man,which may be improved by supplementing with MSM:

NATURAL ANTI-INFLAMMATORY:  Disease and injuries often cause our body's cells to become inflamed or deteriorated. MSM relieves inflammation and allows our body to repair damaged cells. The anti-inflammatory properties of MSM effectively combat the pain commonly associated with arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, and spinal disc injury. By reducing inflammation, MSM improves the flow of blood through damaged areas of the body, thereby facilitating the healing process while reducing discomfort. Athletes often use MSM to relieve the pain of strained muscles or overextended joints.

SCAR TISSUE RESTORATIVE:  MSM has been shown to soften scar tissue, often causing the damaged tissue to shrink in size or disappear completely. The restorative properties of MSM are effective on both external scars, such as burns or stretch marks, as well as internal scarring. With chronic pulmonary disorders such as emphysema, asthma or bronchitis, MSM softens the scar tissue to allow easier passage of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

CHRONIC HEADACHES:  MSM helps to make the cell walls more permeable which increases circulation. By increasing circulation there is less build up of pressure and in effect less pain. Taking MSM regularly will help maintain good circulation and low pressure.

EMPHYSEMA:  Emphysema is not caused by smoking. But the smoking burns the tissues in the lungs so that the cells are dying faster than the body is able to replace them with new cells. When cells are dying in a hurry and you're not giving your body enough building materials, you start losing the flexibility in the lungs and they tear. If this happens too often, and you still don't provide the necessary building materials, you start to build a type of scar tissue. MSM gives your body the building materials it needs to make good flexible cells and strong lungs with the ability to expand and contract freely.

PAIN AND INFLAMMATION:  MSM works on pain. Think of a cell as a balloon full of water, but instead of rubber it's protein. When the protein is tough the water pressure inside the cell can become much greater than the water pressure outside the cell, and this causes inflammation or inflating of the cell. This is where pain comes from. Aspirin shuts the nerve off, but the cell is still damaged. MSM affects the protein so that the water freely flows through the cell wall, taking toxins out and getting more nutrition in. This is why a person with Emphysema and Asthma experience immediate relief. The cell flexibility enables more oxygen and nutrition to get inside the cell.

SUNBURN : The MSM helps to make all of the new cells flexible and permeable. This allows the skin to stretch with movement and prevents pain and blistering by flushing the toxins and other fluids regularly.

MSM is a bio-available source of nutritional sulfur. It is intended for nutritional use only and no therapeutic claims are made or implied.


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