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Rediscovering a Healthy Lifestyle with MSM

These days the news is filled with the need for a healthier, fitter society. As a people, we are plagued by decades of unhealthy eating and little exercise. Taking control of your life means exploring the right program for your lifestyle change. Most often, you will not find your perfect lifestyle in a prescription medication. Instead, you will find that the word “diet” does not fit into this new healthier lifestyle. You have to make a change at the foundation of your thinking. MSM is a supplement that is helping more and more people rediscover a healthy lifestyle.

How does MSM work? Why is MSM so successful?

The answer to these questions can be found at the cellular level. Everyone knows about the importance of water to our physical body. We need water because depending on age and gender our body is made up of from 55% to 78% water. Our body is then made up of a variety of minerals and elements such as phosphorus, calcium, and iodine. Sulfur represents roughly 0.25% of our total body mass ranking up there with potassium. Another name for sulfur is methylsulfonylmethane or MSM.

What exactly is sulfur and why is it so important?

Sulfur is a nonmetallic element found generally as part of a larger compound. At any given time, a human being should have about 140 grams of sulfur mostly found in the proteins. However, it is distributed into all cells and tissues. Keratin, found in nails, hair, and skin, is particularly high in cystine (an amino acid), and cystine is a large part of sulfur.

Taurine, methionine, cysteine, and cystine have all been found to contain high levels of sulfur. Thiamine and biotin also have a lot of sulfur in them. Scientists and people alike are finding that taking extra sulfur or MSM can increase the potency of amino acids, minerals, and elements containing sulfur. This translates to a healthier, fitter body starting at the cellular levels.

Cellular respiration is how our body’s cells utilize oxygen aiding in brain activity and other cellular activity. As such, we need the strength of sulfur found in cysteine to help our liver as it produces bile secretions that play a large part in eliminating toxins from our body. As we eliminate those toxins we are left with a clean, energetic body that is ready to tackle the world.

Sulfur functioning and metabolism is essential to our body’s overall health. However, you may be in desperate need of sulfur or MSM if you are on a low-protein diet, lack “good” intestinal bacteria, or eat food grown where the soil suffers from sulfur depletion. MSM in its purest form will allow you to get the sulfur you need without spending a lot of money. Yes, you can live better and healthier with MSM on your lifestyle team.

MSM added to a healthy lifestyle can greatly improve your health and longevity. Capable of providing you strength at the foundation of your very body, you will discover that MSM can help you succeed where dieting alone fails.



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