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Preventing and Fighting Acne with MSM

No one enjoys waking up or looking in the mirror to discover a fresh, new pimple on their face. But many people live with pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and other blemishes on a regular basis. Acne is no laughing matter and can leave scars that last a lifetime. However, you can fight and prevent acne with MSM! But knowing how this works means exploring some of the myths associated with acne and blemishes.

Myth 1: Eating certain foods cause acne

False! Scientists have NOT found a link between acne and the foods you eat. Of course, you may have breakouts if you eat a food or foods you are allergic to already. Many people do not know what they are allergic too. However, it is important to eat a healthy diet to increase your skinís health. Remember, your skin is an organ. As such, you will discover that MSM is a wonderful supplement allowing your largest organ to shine (in a healthy way).

Myth 2: Only teenagers have acne

False! While about 85% of all people between the ages of 12 and 24 experience some form of acne not only teenagers can have breakouts or acne. Acne can strike men and women regardless of their age. Though it must be noted that women are at more risk for breakouts and acne due to hormone fluctuations. MSM can help your body regulate itself hormonally reducing the breakouts and blemishes associated with acne. In addition, MSM can help you reduce past and future scarring.

Myth 3: Exposure to the sun with clear up acne

False! In fact, the opposite is true. A little bit of sun can make your skin feel a lot less oily, but exposure to the sun will actually make acne worse. When your skin gets dry your sebaceous glands will produce MORE oil. This oil will mix with dead, dry skin and cause your pores to clog. To avoid acne from sun exposure, you should wear a sunscreen that is oil-free and avoid prolonged exposure. MSM can help your skin by insuring that the inflammation process is kept to a minimum reducing the unsightly redness and swelling associated with clogged pores.

Myth 4: Popping blackheads and whiteheads will make them heal faster

False! It may be really tempting to just push that protruding white head away or to dig for that blackhead and get it out, but the truth is that you are doing more harm than good. A white head is a small infection; you will most likely push more of the infection into the surrounding skin prolonging the breakout and spreading the pimples. In addition, popping pimples can lead to redness, browning of the skin, and scarring that can last a lifetime.

As you battle the myths associated with acne, you will discover that MSM is an ally in your fight for a cleaner complexion. Many people are choosing to combine acne fighting treatments containing sulfur with a MSM supplement allowing the body to heal from the inside out while teaching the body to protect itself more effectively.



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