Happy Holidays to all my MSM friends…….

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We at Arthritis MSM Supplements wish you a safe and happy holiday.


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Instead of writing a bunch of stuff you won’t read, I just sent you some funnies to make you laugh. So enjoy the next two videos. They are perfectly safe for you to open.


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New item MSM Soap


MSM Natural Soap - No chemical additives and no fragrance. A hard bar of soap of 4 ounce made from natural vegetable oils, with a luxuriant lather. Pure and natural OptiMSM Soap!

A big 4 oz hard bar for $3.50 each
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Colors: Pink, Coca, White, Clear
Colors may vary in our product since they are natural products.

Directions: Wet face and body, then apply MSM Soap lather gently and evenly in a circular motion using brush, fingers, sponge or wash cloth. For best results, allow lather to penetrate your skin for 60-90 seconds before rinsing off with water.  This MSM Soap Bar contains OptiMSM, one of nature's richest sources of organic sulfur. Sulfur, often called nature's beauty mineral, plays an essential role in the health and maintenance of the collagen and elastin of the skin. Ingredients: 10% Pure OptiMSM.  MSM soap bars help with cracked feet. Get a foot brush that has brush on one side and pumice stone on the other.  Gently brush msm onto the brush side and lather feet up. Then turn brush over and use the pumice side for your cracked area and scrub.  Do this each day in the shower or when you bath.  The cracks will eventually clear up and you will feel softer feet. Always add feet moisturizer after using msm soap to keep your feet from drying out. It is also great on the toenails so brush the msm lather on them too. The msm soap can help with toenail infections as well.




 You must watch these two videos


Horse lovers click here for cute horse video

 Horses Snow Fight

Your horse lovers this video is a must to view.
Pass it on to your horse lover friends.

I’d say Patches needs msm to give him a boost with all his chores.

Patches the Horse Video
Click Here to Watch (It is 4MB)
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