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When it comes to goodness, you will discover MSM provides the goodness that makes it a bonus for everyday healthy living. But many people have question concerning MSM. Let’s take a look at some questions and our down to earth answers…

Are capsules of MSM as effective as powdered MSM?

The quick and easy answer is that MSM in any form is beneficial. However, the complicated answer is a bit more complicated that the quick and easy answer. Capsules cannot hold the same amount of MSM as taking a shot glass filled with MSM. You would have to take a lot of capsules to get the same dose you would get with the powder form of MSM from a shot glass. However, capsules are easy to take with you on the go.

One suggestion is to add the MSM powder to your bottled water throughout the day. This will give you a steady dose of MSM throughout the day, and the benefits will remain steady throughout that day. However, if you need to take capsules from time to time, by all means, take capsules. Capsules are also easier to take for those starting out with low doses of MSM.

What is the dosage breakdown per grams and mg?

Knowing the conversion from grams and mg to teaspoon(s) is an essential part of taking the right amount of MSM. Remember, MSM is not something you have to worry about when you consider overdosing or side effects. If you take too much, your body will simply release the extra.

One level kitchen teaspoon equals 5 grams of MSM or 5,000 mg; one level teaspoon equals 15 grams of MSM or 15,000 mg of MSM; and one pharmacist’s teaspoon equals 4 grams of MSM or 4,000 mg of MSM.

Is MSM safe if I am pregnant? How safe is MSM if I am lactating or breast feeding?

While MSM is safe, if you are pregnant, lactating, or breast feeding you should always consult your physician or caregiver about the benefits of MSM to you and your unborn child.

Why do some companies such as MSM Supplements Center have higher prices for their MSM than a local health food store?

Well, you have heard the old adage, “You get what you pay for”. You pay for the purest, healthiest form of MSM made here in the United States. Pure MSM does not contain additives or preservatives or fillers. Many countries use dangerous and/or toxic additives, fillers, and/or preservatives. OptiMSM is the purest, highest quality MSM on the market today. Yes, you will pay more, but the benefits have been proven to better life without the need for hidden “ingredients”. You deserve the best at any price.

I am allergic to sulfa drugs. Is MSM safe for me?

Absolutely! Sulfa and sulfur are two completely different products. There are no sulfa ingredients in pure MSM such as OptiMSM. Sulfur is as necessary to life as water, and you cannot be allergic to water. MSM is pure sulfur.



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