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Changing your life starting with a healthy lifestyle, and many people find that getting that lifestyle is not always easy. Dietary supplements help a lot, but getting the right supplement takes a lot of time and patience. Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and other vitamins / minerals are an important part of living a healthy lifestyle. Not everyone gets their daily recommended dosage of vitamins and minerals, and dietary supplements are a sufficient way to get the vitamins and minerals needed for a healthier life.

Well, sulfur is one of those components we all have and utilize, but we often find a boost in sulfur helps our body relax a bit and the benefits are amazing. Unfortunately, getting the sulfur we need in our diet is almost impossible. As we age our sulfur levels fall but the need rises. MSM is the only pure sulfur product you will find on the market today.

But not every manufacturer of MSM provides a pure form of sulfur you need. Instead, those companies can and do cut corners to give you MSM… but they give you little surprises.

When you head to the local vitamin store or supplement store, you may find oodles of MSM products. You may find that they state they are 99% or even 100% pure. The problem is that the purity is not regulated by the FDA. Therefore, a company can say just about anything they want when it comes to purity and not be held accountable for its statements.

Maybe you have some MSM lying around the house. Perhaps you tried taking that MSM product but experienced side effects or did not experience any benefits. The problem may be the product you tried.

Take your MSM product and a full glass of water. Take a spoonful of MSM or open the capsule. Now add the MSM to the water. The MSM should sink immediately and dissolve. What you see left over is the additives and impurities you will find in most MSM products. The problem is that you cannot be sure what those impurities are especially if the product was manufactured outside of the United States. Here in the US the FDA regulates the ingredients section of the labeling. The manufacturer is required by law to add all ingredients no matter how small.

But the truth in the ingredients cannot be guaranteed even if you see “United States” on the label. Many name brand companies manufacturer outside of the United States and then transfer and package within the United States so you will see labels reading “Packaged in the United States” or “Shipped in the United States”.

How can you be sure your MSM is pure? Test results.

Test your MSM product. OptiMSM is the one product I can guarantee will pass the purity test every time. When you have the purest form of sulfur on the market today, you will find the benefits allow you to live a cleaner, better life. You are in control of your future, and MSM is there to help every step of the way.


MSM For People
ietary Supplements

No Additives

OptiMSM Capsules
MSM Crystal Flakes People

250 Capsules
 1000 mg. each

 $28.00 each jar
Buy 2- 5 jars 
$25.00 each 
or buy
 6 or more jars for
$22.50 each 
Buy 6 get one Free 
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Or Buy 90 capsules
Trial Supply
Regular Caps
 $10.00 per bag
1000 mg. each
Crystal -Flakes

Or Buy 500 Capsules
1000 mg. each

Crystal -Flakes

Regular Caps

$35.00 Per bag
Quantity of 5
or more ONLY

Crystal Flakes
500 Capsules
Regular Caps 
1000 mg. each

No Additives
$49.00 each jar or
Buy (2 - 5) jars
$45.00 each 
or Buy  
6 or more

$42.00 per jar
Buy 6 get one Free 
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Repeat Customers Discount
 Deduct -  $2.00

Off Each Reorder

OptiMSM - Crystal  Horses 
1 lb. Jar
 $15.00 each or
 Buy 1.5 jar for $18.50 each

No Additives
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Crystal Flakes
1 lb. Jars 
each $15.00 or Buy 1.5 lb $18.50 each
No Additives
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MSM for Horses and pets

 for Horses 
1 lb. Jars 
 $15.00 each 
No Additives
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 Crystals-Flakes Horses
1.5 lb. Jars $18.50 each
No Additives
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