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MSM for Pets

When we have pets in our lives, we find our lives richer. Caring for those animals that mean so much to us often means spending money on sometimes expensive medications and treatments. While a regular veterinarian visit is always a great idea, you can save oodles of cash by being proactive in your pets treatment and prevention of illnesses and diseases. MSM for pets is an amazing solution for those that know the benefits of this wonderful supplement either by first hand experience or from word of mouth.

Dogs, cats, horses, gerbils, and many other types of pets can benefit from MSM simply because of what this wonderful supplement is in its purest form. MSM is an organic and naturally formed sulfur often found in the foods we eat such as fresh vegetables, shell food, and other parts of our diets. However, we cannot always get enough of those foods to make it sufficient enough to cover our sulfur needs on a regular basis.

Sulfur is one of the main minerals in any mammalian body. Sulfur is as important to us as mammals as water. While we hear all the stories and reports of the importance of water, we often do not hear how important sulfur is to the mammalian body. Our four legged companions are often as devoid of sulfur as their human counterparts. The lack of proper sulfur in our lives does not mean we are negligent. Quite the contraire! Most people are as lacking in sulfur as they are in vitamin D, and most people do not even realize this deficit.

MSM for pets is extremely important. Sulfur helps relieve the stiffness of cell walls. In addition, sulfur aids in allowing our body to heal itself regardless of how many legs you walk upon everyday. The truth is that MSM should be in more of the vitamins we take simply because it has such positive affects without the side effects of most other supplements or vitamins.

How does MSM work for our pets?

MSM works by increasing the flexibility of cells. Now this may not seem like a big deal, but when cells are flexible, those cells allow toxins to escape and be released. Often times, arthritis, viruses, and illnesses are a result of stiff cells and the body’s fight to rid the pet of that toxin.

However, remember that MSM is water soluble. As such, MSM is not retained and stored in fatty tissue. What the body does not process will be urinated out of the body generally within 12- to 36-hours. The body is always creating new cells to replace the old. This is especially noticeable when our pets shed skin or hair. MSM will bring new life to new hair, nails, and skin often ridding the body of allergens and other “debris” along the way.

There may not be a cure for many of the illnesses and diseases faced not only by us humans but by our animal friends, but that does not mean we have to toss our hands up in defeat. Instead, MSM for pets gives our pets the tools to fight such nasties on their own.


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