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MSM Facts

MSM is a wonderful supplement meant to encourage a healthy lifestyle and reduce the “natural” process we call aging. The good stories save the best parts for last, and in the MSM story, you are the hero finding peace and contentment while enjoying the story you have built. Each brand new day, you get a chance to love life anew. Adding MSM to that brand new day allows you the freedom to live life on your own terms.

However, many people still have questions. Just hearing about the excellence provided to life by MSM is not enough. What are some of the facts people should know when it comes to taking their favorite supplement?

MSM is Safe

Scientific studies have proven that MSM is safe for animal and human consumption even at large doses. MSM is completely water soluble meaning you will not store the unused MSM in your system. Instead, you pass the extra MSM in your urine. This means you can take enormous quantities of MSM without feeling adverse effects.

Keep in mind that these studies are completed with PURE MSM. OptiMSM is the purest form of MSM of the market today. We do not suggest taking large doses of some of those cheaply manufactured supplements because of the quantity of fillers and preservatives added to the product to save a few bucks. Those fillers can be just about anything and can cause adverse reactions even in small doses. This means large quantities of fillers can cause severe reactions.

The safest way to avoid those adverse reactions is to insure you are consuming only the purest form of MSM.

MSM & Allergies

Many people have asked about how effective MSM is when it comes to allergy symptoms. In clinical studies, regular doses of MSM taken for six weeks showed significant improvement in many aspects of living including allergy symptoms. No, MSM will not magically cure seasonal allergies, but MSM will help reduce the effects of allergies on your life. MSM allows your own immune system to kick in and kick those allergies out the door.

MSM & Animals

The great things about MSM is that it is so pure that it is even safe for your animals. Mammals all need sulfur; therefore, it just makes sense that MSM will work with any form of mammal. Sulfur helps all mammals by acting as a natural boost to your own body’s capabilities. Will it cure your ailments? Not necessarily. But it will definitely help humans and animals alike when it comes to reducing the signs often associated with aging.

MSM & Dosage

The great thing about MSM is that it is safe even at high doses. This means that you need to find your own optimal dose of MSM and stick with that. Some people will reach optimal benefits at 1500mg per day while others can need 6000mg or more. The amount of MSM you will need will depend mostly on your own body. This may take some time… but the results are well worth the effort.


MSM For People
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