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MSM Benefits

MSM is deemed to be a successful cure for pain caused by arthritis and other maladies. The way that it erases that painful feeling is by ensuring that your cell walls are supple. Pain is caused by unequal pressure inside and outside of your cell walls. When the walls are supple, fluids are able to leave the cell easily, resulting in equal pressure.

It is best to take the minimum amount of MSM that provides you with the pain relief you need. This is important, because the larger the amount you take, the lesser the effect. Before you know it, you are taking amounts that are far in excess of what is recommended.

You should drink plenty of water with it, and also, when using it for the first time, take it with meals so as to avoid heartburn. After a week, increase the dosage accordingly, and soon you will be able to take it without food. Anywhere from 2,000 mg to 6,000 mg is an acceptable dosage. Of course, as our bodies react differently to medicines and supplements, what is beneficial to one person may not be to another. Just because your friend needs 4,000 mg a day to feel the full effects does not mean that this will be the case for you.

MSM keeps the skins cells and tissue soft, allowing it to be more flexible, which in turn, keeps your skin smooth, preventing wrinkles and dryness. Soap made from the compound is highly effective against acne. It also enables the body to form keratin, a protein that is strong against damaging chemicals. Keratin is essential in maintaining healthy hair and nails.

In terms of how you should consume the compound, capsules should only be used by those who are merely using it as a supplement. However, if you are using it remove pain, you really need to take a larger amount. Therefore, capsules would be too small. The powder form of MSM is deemed to be the most effective. Tablets take longer to digest because they are compressed. This results in a lengthier dissolution time in the stomach. It is also the most cost effective, though capsules are far more convenient when on the move.

Remember, an accredited MSM sales centres product will always cost more because they sell 100% pure goods. Health stores may seem to be better value for money, but in the long run they are not, because their products will have filler, the percentage of which will be greater than the difference in price. Pound for pound so to speak, the 100% goods work out cheaper. These pure goods are marked by the OptiMSM logo which should be clearly visible on every item.

You can check the purity of the MSM you have by placing it in a small glass with a tiny amount of water. As it dissolves, if anything floats to the top, then that is waste, and the compound you have is not pure.

As MSM gives you far more energy than before, you should not take it at night if you are planning to get up early because it will keep you awake. Of course, if you work night hours, than a late dose of it is ideal.

While there are still a whole host of tests to be taken, there is no denying the numerous stories told by users of MSM.  People who have used this product have claimed that using it has helped re-energize them, giving them the feeling that they could run, when previously they had no energy, and found it difficult even to walk.



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