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MSM and Your Skin

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM) is an odorless, white, water-soluble element our body produces and utilizes. Present in all living creatures, MSM combined with water and salt compose over 90 percent of our bodies. Because of its importance in our body, you will find that if our body does not have enough MSM, we will have leathery skin, problem hair, wrinkles, and other signs of deficiencies.  

As we age, we expect to see wrinkles along with our signs of aging. One of the reasons our body ages is that it does not have enough MSM to maintain the healthy body. Thankfully, MSM is an easy to find and easy to consume supplement that will give your body back its youthful appearance and life. However, be aware that not all MSM is created equal.

When it comes to your largest organ – your skin – you will need to work extra hard to ensure it stays looking great. Of course, there are going to be accidents and/or surgeries throughout your life. With MSM, you will find that whether you take MSM orally or simply rub it on your scars or stretch marks, MSM can and does help reduce the visible appearance by working from the inside out.

Collagen is what gives our skin a tight, youthful appearance and tone. Experts say that via the natural aging process, our collagen levels drop. MSM actually helps rebuild and maintain healthy collagen levels which means fewer wrinkles and crow’s feet. You will have that youthful appearance without spending thousands of dollars every year on expensive and ineffective makeup and concealers.

Do you suffer from MS deficiency?

Sign of MSM deficiency include tissue and organ malfunction, enzyme depletion, thick soft, ridged, cracked, woody, and brittle nails, fatigue, onset of aging and disease, psychological and physical stress. Regardless of what the “experts” tell you, you do not have to age gracefully. Fight the signs of aging not with ineffective medications or miracle creams. Instead, feed your body the healthy nutrients it needs and you will discover you age perfectly.

The dosage of MSM necessary for living organisms is going to depend on metabolism and weight. Generally, humans will need between 2000 and 4000 mg (2 to 4 grams) per day. You can take MSM either day or night, or you can sip on a drink with MSM added to it throughout the day for a positive uplift on your life. Remember, you will actually urinate out all unused MSM after about 12 hours.

When it comes to your skin, you will find you can purchase or make your own lotions for rubbing into your skin. Of course, there is nothing like working from the inside out, but you will discover you can supplement this process by working from the outside in as well. Knowing which is right for your needs will ensure you have the most optimal chance of success for your life, your skin, and your future.

Yes, MSM can change your life!


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