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MSM & Your Pets

There are few supplements as healthy for your beloved and cherished furry friends as MSM. In fact, more and more vets are deciding to recommend MSM to pet owners wanting a healthier pet with more vroom in that animals’ step. Having better for your pet will help insure your beloved friend is in your life longer living a healthier and happier life. You want better for yourself, your children, and your friends; your pets are part of your extended family, too!

Since MSM is sulfur, you will discover it is a must for all mammals – not just humans. Sulfur is the third most abundant component of the human body right behind water. Sulfur insures we are pliable… pliability allows us to heal and adjust to our environment. Of course, that pliability is transferred to our pets whether your beloved pet is a cat, dog, cow, horse, or ferret.

As any pet owner knows, a pet can get many of the same diseases humans get. Diabetes, cancer, asthma, anxiety, depression, arthritis, and other disorders and diseases plague all mammals not just humans. That means what works for humans will often work for our furry counterparts. However, you should always keep in mind not all medications and supplements will go from human to animal to human. For instant, most human pain medications are NOT safe for our cherished pets and can do irreparable damage.

If you any questions or concerns regarding medications, supplements, and your pets, PLEASE, contact your veterinarian!

MSM is healthy for your four-legged friends. You will notice that your furry friends will be healthier, friendlier, happier, and younger all at the same time. Sulfur allows humans and animals to repair their own system. That means you do not have to spend a lot of access money on expensive medications to help relieve your pet’s pain once the animal has a good dose of MSM in their system.

Even price winning horses will utilize MSM in the form of oral supplementation and even bar soap for a healthier life, skin, nails, hooves, and even hair. MSM helps relieve discomfort, allergies, and anxieties. Owners will invest millions into these equines, and MSM is safe enough to use. This should say a lot about the goodness and wholesomeness of MSM!

As you explore the type of MSM to use for your pets or furry companions, you should definitely investigate the source of your MSM. Not all MSM is designed the same. You would think that since MSM in its purest form is sulfur that it would be simple to get the purest form of MSM. But the truth is that only MSM manufactured in the USA meets the highest levels of standards necessary to pass regulations. In the USA, every filler and ingredient has to be on the label.

If you want the best for your cherished and beloved pets, you need to insure you get the safest, purest form of MSM on the market today. OPTIMSM is the purest form of MSM suitable for both human and animal ingestion.


MSM For People
ietary Supplements

No Additives

OptiMSM Capsules
MSM Crystal Flakes People

250 Capsules
 1000 mg. each

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$22.50 each 
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Regular Caps
 $10.00 per bag
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Crystal -Flakes

Or Buy 500 Capsules
1000 mg. each

Crystal -Flakes

Regular Caps

$35.00 Per bag
Quantity of 5
or more ONLY

Crystal Flakes
500 Capsules
Regular Caps 
1000 mg. each

No Additives
$49.00 each jar or
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6 or more

$42.00 per jar
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OptiMSM - Crystal  Horses 
1 lb. Jar
 $15.00 each or
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No Additives
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Crystal Flakes
1 lb. Jars 
each $15.00 or Buy 1.5 lb $18.50 each
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MSM for Horses and pets

 for Horses 
1 lb. Jars 
 $15.00 each 
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 Crystals-Flakes Horses
1.5 lb. Jars $18.50 each
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