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MSM and Dogs: Choosing Better for a Longer, Healthier Life

Our canine companions are the light of our life bringing about a sense of relaxation and joy. Whether you appreciate your dog(s) for work or for play, life is definitely made better by having one of these furry critters. Our four-legged companions are an intricate part of our life whether as best friend or trusted family member. That is why we combine MSM and dogs when we want to offer the same great benefits we get from MSM for our four-legged companions.

Sulfur is extremely important to mammals in general. We all store MSM in our cells, and we will find enormous concentrations of MSM in our hair, skin, joints, and nails. MSM is a wonderful joint repairer, cell rejuvenator, and antioxidant.

Dogs need these same great benefits!

We all need sulfur. Sulfur helps mammals maintain the permeability of the cell membranes. By allowing MSM into our canines life, we are ensuring that the nutrients and fluids those cells need are freely capable of entering and leaving each cell. In addition, the toxins and poisons often held in our cells due to cell “toughness” is allowed to escape wherein our bodies will then dispose of those nasties.

If you start noticing that your dog is more tired than normal, appears to move, lay down, or rise with difficulty, or notice slow healing, chances are pretty good you need some MSM specifically for your dog’s diet. The good news is that you will find cheese, meats, and even eggs are a great natural source of this vital sulfur.

However, is your canine ages, you will notice what is often called “the natural signs of aging”. If you refuse to allow your best friend, your confidante, and your family member to experience those signs, then you will discover that MSM can and will reveal that youthful experience your dog had as a pup.

When dosing your canine, you do not have to worry about possibly giving too much. Just as our body excretes excess amounts in feces and urine, our canine friends will do the same. Toxicity due to MSM is virtually impossible meaning you have a safe alternative to high priced pain medications and other medications.

As your friend starts improving, you will see the difference. But should you stop MSM, the same signs of aging will appear. Since their body does not store excess MSM, you will need to ensure a regular, constant feeding schedule where MSM is a part of your dog’s life.

Feeding your canine companion is easier than ever. If you feed your dog moist food, you can simply add this tasteless and odorless supplement to your dog’s dinner. Should you prefer solid dog food, you can choose to feed your dog his or her MSM the same way you would any other pill or capsule.

TIP: To make pill time a happy time, try feeding your dog a special treat when you are finished administering the pills!


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