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MSM Side Effects Explored

As the popularity of MSM raises the search for side effects and safety concerns raises as well sending people curious about MSM side effects searching the internet for more information. Usually, you will discover information biased towards one point of view. But the reality is that the MSM is seemingly free of side effects. So if this is true, why do some people complain about gastrointestinal upset or jitteriness?

To understand MSM side effects, we must first explore the recommended dosage of MSM. The recommended dosage is between 2,000 to 6,000 mg daily. The recommended dosage of MSM is greatly affected by your gastrointestinal tolerance. If MSM can cause gastrointestinal upset it is evident that some people will experience certain side effects from the MSM.

Note: A single dose of MSM will not provide positive results! It takes time!

One topic we need to explore is DMSO. DMSO is a nasty substance that was used for decades as part of a “better life”. But people would complain of the often dangerous side effects. Many people ask if DMSO and MSM is the same thing. No! MSM is not the same thing as DMSO. However, MSM can be derived from DMSO. MSM is the pure form of goodness often found with DMSO without the nasty often toxic side effects.

As we age, our body will build up toxins in the cells and tissues. These wastes can be harmful to our daily life. But the buildup is slow so we do not wake up one morning and wham we are sick. Instead, the aches and pains happen slowly and we often associate those aches and pains with the natural aging process. One of the major effects of this toxic buildup is tough cell walls.

MSM works by making those cell walls permeable again!

However, as our cells lose that toughness, we will release those toxins that have built up over the years during a lifetime of abuse and normal daily living. That means that the toxins stored in the cells is released quickly as MSM makes those tough cells permeable. The effects of those toxins stored in your cells will be re-experienced as they leave your system. Something as simple as caffeine will be released back into the body meaning some people will experience jitteriness not from MSM directly but from the caffeine toxins being released from our body.

How can you avoid these MSM “side effects”?

Experts suggest that you start taking MSM slowly to slowdown the release of toxins that can cause discomfort. Start taking a small dose, and as your body accepts that smaller dosage, take more MSM. As your body detoxes, you will find that you feel younger, healthier, and better all the way around.

Many people have questions when it comes to MSM side effects. The truth is that pure MSM is natural and healthy. Side effects felt are not because of the MSM directly but an effect of your body releasing a lifetime of toxins.



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