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MSM was discovered by Stanley Jacob MD., and a research chemist for a paper manufacturing company, Robert Herschler. It is not classified as a drug, medicine, herb, stimulant or additive. Though it comes from the sulphur family, it does not have the same allergic properties as sulfa drugs.

If you are allergic to sulfa drugs, then that is irrelevant when taking MSM, because they are completely different products. It is made up of sulphur which is necessary for living. It is a sulphur compound but not a sulphite. Sulfa drugs are synthetic, meaning they do not occur naturally, whereas the compound is organic, with 2.5% of each persons body weight being made up of the substance.

DMSO was used many years ago to alleviate pain. When DMSO is oxidized, MSM is the result. This has caused a lot of unsubstantiated rumours about its effects. DMSO causes breathing difficulties, itchy and red skin, and excess gas, so it assumed that the new version of it is the same. DMSO has been proven to be harmful and is now only sold for industrial use, or for animals. With it, there is a  possibility of allergic side effects, and it can leave a strange taste in ones mouth. Really, the only similarities between the two is that they both derive from sulphur.

This chemical is vital, because without it, the body cannot replace damaged tissue quickly enough, to stop it producing harmful cells in compensation which can cause illness. Also, you will become more sensitive to pain. Memory loss, acne, arthritis and a deficient immune system can all result from a lack of sulphur.

Although you should take it consistently, if you are having surgery, you should stop using MSM about 4 days before the procedure, just to ensure that it is not to blame for any complications. It can also interfere with liver enzyme test results, so cease taking it for the same number of days as you would with a surgical procedure, to ensure that it does not cause a false reading.

It is easy to store and does not go bad in a container, though you will probably notice it sticking together. This is normal, simply shake the vessel or sift it with your hand. Do not store it in your fridge as it will crystallize. Instead, store it at about 80 degrees with the lid on. However, even if you were to leave the lid off at room temperature, no harm will come of the produce, as it does not absorb moisture. It can be stored without loss of effectiveness for up to five years.

It may take as long as two months to feel any benefits. In this timeframe, resist the temptation to consume huge amounts per day, in the hope that it may work. The body will distribute the MSM where it is needed. Though it is advised that you start off with a small dose, in cases of extreme pain, it may be permissible to start off with a large amount.

As the compound is not recommended by the American Medical Association, there are not many doctors who will recommend its use. What this means, is that they are instructed to tell you there is no definite cure for your illness, because MSM has not been certified and tested to the standards which satisfy them. This should in no way dissuade you from using it and benefiting from its results.



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