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How Safe Are Those Natural Remedies?

Herbs, vitamins, minerals, supplements, and other natural remedies can be a gentle, effective method by which to approach your healthcare and wellbeing. But just because some manufacturer slaps an “all-natural” label on a bottle of pills does not make the contents natural, gentle, and healthy. In fact, the wording on the label can often be tricky to decipher with subtle differences in wording not often recognized.

This leaves you, the consumer, to figure out what that natural remedy does, how that natural remedy works, and what the side effects are for that supplement, herb, vitamin, or other natural remedy.

Sometimes, commonsense is not as common as one may think. For instance, many people forget that almond oil will cause allergic reactions in people allergic to nuts. Let your commonsense kick into play, and you will discover that the world of natural home remedies just got a lot easier!

How can you insure that the natural home remedy you are considering for a better life is as healthy as the promised effects?

Do not mix natural remedies with prescription medication and/or over the counter medicines without first speaking with a healthcare provider. Of course, not all mixtures will lead to a negative reaction, but there are numerous natural home remedies that can reduce the effectiveness of some medication (birth control and grapefruit are a good example) or increase the effectiveness of certain mixtures (valerian root and valium are a good example).

It is always advised to go with safety first… if you are not sure, speak with your healthcare provider. Some mixtures can be fatal. In addition, a good healthcare provider may surprise you with additional suggestions.

If you are purchasing anything that is a mixture of herbs, vitamins, minerals, or supplements, be aware of how each ingredient works together. For instance, MSM and glucosamine work very well together, but if you are taking too many supplements with let us say iron in it, you may be taking too much iron. Mixtures can be tricky and deceiving. Always look at the label before making a purchase.

Believe it or not, not all countries manufacture supplements the same. The United States requires strict labeling requirements for items manufactured here at home. You know every ingredient including additives and fillers within that bottle. Not all countries have such strict labeling requirements, and those hidden ingredients can be deadly. To be safe insure all your supplements are manufactured within the United States.

Take the right dosage. Many people are taking too much or too little of their “medicine”. This is ineffective and can cause more harm than good. If you are not sure of how much of that natural home remedy you should be taking, you need to keep researching. Of course, many things go into the dosage such as the strength of the supplement.

You can play it safe when living a more natural and holistic lifestyle. While herbs and supplements such as MSM can be extremely healthy, you need to insure you are doing the right stuff to get the right results.


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