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Living a healthy lifestyle starts with a good diet and plenty of exercise. One thing more people are turning to in their journey for a healthier life is the ever popular healthy supplements. Making a good choice in your supplementation is extremely important as more and more people are falling ill or worse due to poor supplements. Knowing how to weed through the bad ones looking for that diamond is going to be frustrating without a little guidance.

How can you get the healthy supplements you need?

Healthy supplements such as MSM or even vitamin C comes in a variety of forms. You may find pill form, capsule form, powder form, crystal form, liquid form, and even other forms. Knowing which is right for your lifestyle is vital, and not all forms will interact with your body in the same way often due to the difference in absorption rates.

Liquid form is often the most quickly absorbed. In addition, liquid supplements will generally give you a higher concentration of the supplement. However, powder forms and crystal forms of pure MSM will also get the same benefits often associated only with liquid forms of vitamin, minerals, and supplements.

Finding healthy supplements means understanding a few laws…

Only the United States requires manufacturing companies to include ALL ingredients and additives in the supplements. India and China do not have such requirements, nor do products being imported from such locations. Instead, you will find that the label only contains what the manufacturer wants the label to contain. This often leaves you pondering what is really in that cheap little pill you are consuming?

Unfortunately, you never know what fillers or additives are really in that MSM supplement unless you purchase those manufactured and produced within the United States. Often, the side effects people claim are not from the supplements but the additives and/or fillers used by companies looking to make a quick buck.

When you want healthy supplements, you need to know where and how the supplement was manufactured and produced. Just because your recognize that expensive label does not mean that company is doing the best for your health! Trust what you hear not the pretty labeling. Dig deeper than the surface when dealing with a new company for your supplement needs.

Another important aspect of healthy supplements is their temperature. Many supplements, minerals, and vitamins will lose their potency according to temperature changes. Other types of vitamins, supplements, and minerals need to be stored at certain conditions. For instance, MSM supplements should be kept in a cool, dry location. Moisture will actually cause pure MSM to clump making a mess and wasting your money.

Of course, as we all learn the benefits of living a better lifestyle, MSM supplements and other supplements can improve your overall health. However, the truth is NOT always on the label if you do not purchase products made in the USA. In addition, always ensure you are storing those supplements, vitamins, and minerals in the appropriate conditions.


MSM For People
ietary Supplements

No Additives

OptiMSM Capsules
MSM Crystal Flakes People

250 Capsules
 1000 mg. each

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Regular Caps
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Crystal -Flakes

Or Buy 500 Capsules
1000 mg. each

Crystal -Flakes

Regular Caps

$35.00 Per bag
Quantity of 5
or more ONLY

Crystal Flakes
500 Capsules
Regular Caps 
1000 mg. each

No Additives
$49.00 each jar or
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6 or more

$42.00 per jar
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OptiMSM - Crystal  Horses 
1 lb. Jar
 $15.00 each or
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No Additives
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Crystal Flakes
1 lb. Jars 
each $15.00 or Buy 1.5 lb $18.50 each
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MSM for Horses and pets

 for Horses 
1 lb. Jars 
 $15.00 each 
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 Crystals-Flakes Horses
1.5 lb. Jars $18.50 each
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