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Choosing The Right Supplements

Choosing the right supplements are important. Supplements such as MSM and glucosamine can greatly increase your life by reducing pain, help you live a fuller life, and reduce the need for often harsh prescription medications. But choosing the right supplements is not always easy. Look on any store shelf where supplements are sold and you will discover a wide array of names, promises, and labels. Knowing who you can trust can save you time, money, and even save your life.

When choosing the right supplements, you may find these tips most useful…

Is the supplement natural or synthetic?

There is an enormous difference between a natural MSM supplement and a synthetic MSM supplement.  Just as with any supplement, you will want to choose the one that works for you. Most often, natural is the way to go. Natural does not automatically equate to healthier, however. Think about this – arsenic is natural. But with such supplements as MSM or even vitamin C, you will find natural is a much better solution that a synthetically produced supplement.

Is the supplement tested for potency and purity?

A reputable, high quality manufacturer will test for purity and potency. Just tossing together ingredients in hopes that it will work as expected is not good for your health. When a manufacturer has tested a supplement for purity and potency, you can rest easy knowing that you are getting the best possible efficiency for your needs. However, not all manufacturers will perform testing that meet high standards necessary to make the testing thorough.

What fillers, additives and other artificial ingredients are in your supplement?

Remember that fillers are just that – fillers. Used to take up space, fillers can be just about anything under the sun. Even coatings are not necessarily bad per say, but coatings can add artificial flavoring and hide nasty ingredients such as petroleum. Yuck! It is vital that you know what your supplement contains.  A company should not need to cover up good ingredients with artificial flavors, fillers, and coatings.

Is the supplement considered a food or a drug?

Many supplements are considered a drug which can have reactions with other medications. You can generally find out if your supplement is a food or drug by contacting the manufacturer or reseller. If you cannot easily find this information, beware.

Discuss all supplements with your healthcare provider. While many healthcare providers may frown on supplements, you will find that more and more professionals understand the need for other alternatives that reduce side effects while maximizing benefits. If you cannot speak with your healthcare provider about your supplements, you may want to consider finding a healthcare provider you are comfortable with when it comes to your needs.

Safety is a must when you are living a healthy lifestyle. Even supplements have safety precautions and warnings. You are your own best weapon in the fight to find the healthiest, purest, and most effective supplements.  Educate yourself, and you will discover that you get more for your life with each supplement you add to your life.


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