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Hello to all my MSM friends……..From Nance’ Wells

Just to let you all know these questions comes up a lot.

Does MSM interfere with blood tests?

There have been numerous blood chemical workups on patients and msm has not been found to not cause any abnormal readings...with one exception... If you are scheduled to take a liver enzyme test stop taking msm 4 days before your test so that you don't have a misreading such as a false positive.  MSM does not cause liver damage.  You can start back on your msm after the results have come in....  MSM does not interfere with any other blood test….But just wanted you to be aware of this one exception…

What is the shelf life for MSM?

The shelf life of MSM in general is two years, but tests have shown no loss of potency or deterioration in MSM in five years. 

What room temperature do I keep my msm at?

Anywhere from 78 to 82 degrees. Do not store in damp place or leave the lid off.

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