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It seems the most phone calls I get are questions on how much MSM to take and which form works best?


You should take whatever form is most suitable for you. They all work the same.  Most people buy the powder or crystal form versus capsules.  The most common mistakes people make when they take MSM, is that they don't take enough of it or they don't take it often enough or they take too much.

Some people prefer to mix the crystal or powdered form of MSM in water, juice, tea, coffee or chocolate milk.  MSM does have a bitter taste.  One level teaspoon holds about 4000 milligrams of MSM crystals.  A level kitchen teaspoon, somewhat larger, will hold about 5 grams (5,000 milligrams).  You should always take the least possible amount that gives you the relief you desire.  More is not necessarily better. Over the years, thousands of patients have experienced healing benefits by taking 2 to 8 grams (2,000 to 8,000 milligrams) of MSM daily.  Each person’s body is different so therefore you should be able to figure out the correct dosage for you. Start out with smaller dosages then build up.  If you start to experience gastrointestinal problems then you are probably taking too much.  Just decrease your msm and your discomfort should disappear.  When you see you have no more problems then you have figured out your ideal dosage you should be taking for your body.

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