Hi all my MSM friends………June has arrived and it is hot here in Texas……Hope you have a safe and wonderful summer….







No pain medication for me.  I had knee surgery in May on my left knee. I took Optimsm three times a day for the first 3 weeks.  Boy was it a life saver.  It kept the swelling down and I was able to with stand pain.  My doctor was totally amazed I didn’t need his pain prescription. Now my doctor is taking msm and telling his patients about it. 

I have a rare muscular disease called "periaritits nadosa". I have been to so many doctors and there is nothing they can do. My only choice at this stage is to take Interferon, which I refuse. My red blood count is extremely low and my red cells are enlarged. I had a friend recommend MSM and at this point, I have nothing to lose, so I got on it. Within one week, I noticed more energy, my hair and nails began to grow. Now after two months of MSM twice a day my blood count is totally normal. I have more energy and to me MSM is a total miracle drug. The best part I'm feeding my body a total natural substance that comes from my body, no harmful drugs, no additives. I have other friends that have gotten on MSM and they are experiencing the same things as me, no swelling of joints and massive energy. MSM has done wonders for me and I strongly recommend it for anyone with a muscular, arthritic problem. This is great because now I don't have to take those expensive horrible drugs that would destroy more of my body. I'm also on a blood thinner and it hasn't affected it at all. I use to have muscular seizures but since MSM I haven't had a single attack. I take Vitamin C with MSM daily and recommend it to anyone with pain or discomfort.                       
Hargroue  Jasper, Texas





      Dear Nance,

As I have told you over the telephone, my experience with MSM and almost instant pain relief has been incredibly successful. For years, about 25 or so, I have had constant mid back pain. I have not been pain free relative to that area of my body even after taking expensive prescribed medications that are supposed to allow you to "dance the years away, if you know what I mean. Well, after approximately three weeks of taking one teaspoon of MSM crystals in the morning and one teaspoon at mid day, the relief from my pain has been tremendous. I can actually work at my desk, "play" in the kitchen cooking and baking (as a hobby) and not have to suffer constantly. What a find! You will probably laugh, but I have also had a few other things happen to me since taking the OptiMSM. My eyesight has noticeably improved (I documented this through my eye doctor and the optometrist, since acquiring a new prescription) my energy level is increased, my sinuses are clearer, my knee and should pain from recent surgery is all but gone and an old dark scar I had on my leg is disappearing! I can't believe it! I have told my friends, family members and even a doctor's receptionist about the OptiMSM "effect" on me. Hopefully they will be wise enough to get smart. Thanks again and you can count on my continuing to use this wonderful product from your company.


John C. Hunter

Weatherford, Texas

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