2005 April MSM Newsletter


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MSM Questions for Humans and horses.


People Questions


Q: I would like to know if MSM supplements can lead to weight gain.
My mother who is arthritic and already overweight seems to be gaining weight rapidly while taking MSM supplements, and this in turn is not good for her knees. Is there a link?
I would appreciate it greatly if you could help with some answers.

A: I know of no known studies on weight gain with the use of MSM. I do not gain weight from taking msm.

Q: Do you have any information on potassium and Rheumatoid Arthritis?

A: Yes follow this link http://members.tripod.com/~charles_W/arthritis.html

Q: Is MSM an alkaline or acidic product?

A: The pH of MSM may vary from one manufacturer to another, depending on manufacturing procedures and the purity of the final product. Properly purified and manufactured MSM should be neutral to slightly acidic on the pH range. Some consumers have complained about "acidic" MSM, probably because they were not using OptiMSM. Inferior purification methods can lead to an MSM with a pH that is too acidic.


Q: Please can you tell me if I can give MSM supplement to my 2 year old son with autism. I read somewhere that this might help heal leaky gut. Also please inform me if your msm is free from unwanted ingredients such as Dicalcium Phosphate, Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, Silica and Steric Acid.

A: Yes your son can take MSM. Be careful to not overdose him.  MSM can help aid you in the recovery of leaky gut.  Our MSM does not contain any of the unwanted ingredients you mentioned. Our msm contains no added fillers.


Q: My chiropractor ordered MSM for me.  I went to the pharmacy today to buy it and the pharmacist told me it causes digestive problems.  He recommends Chondroitin instead.
A: Your pharmacist is misguiding you. MSM does not cause digestive problems. The msm he sells is probably the stuff from China or India which can lead to problems due to the unknown fillers in that product. MSM is very good for your digestive system. Just make sure you purchase OptiMSM made in the United States. He doesn’t know his products very well.


Q: Do you know which msm to buy that doesn't have shellfish ingredients
in it.

A: Yes, our msm does not contain shellfish. Make sure you purchase OptiMSM.


Q: Could you please tell me if MSM has any calcium, of any kind, in it?  I am on a treatment for osteoporosis and cannot have any additional calcium.

A: OptiMSM does not contain calcium so you are safe to take it.


Q: Can I make my own lotion from msm?

A: Yes you can. Use crystals when making lotion. Bring water to a boil, and drop in msm to get it to dissolve totally. 200 degrees F is too low. Melting point for MSM is 228. Add 10% msm to each lotion.



Animal Questions


Q: I am interested in purchasing MSM for my dog.  Do you give them the same one you give horses or is there one just for dogs and cats?  I could only find the people and horse products.

A: Yes, msm for horses is for dogs, cats and pets too. Just make sure you read the directions for dosage per animal weight.


Q:  I purchased Coral Calcium Supreme capsules. Could I break the capsules open and give to my dog?  If so, how much should I give her?  She weighs 75 pounds and is a German shepherd.

A: Yes you can give your pet coral calcium. Just break open the capsule and give him one part of the capsule and save the other for the next time.


Q:  What about msm eye drops? Available for human use I know; what about for horses & could it help with ERU (uveitis)?  If yes what could be expected resultant to using it for a horse with ERU? I have a 20 yr old appaloosa gelding, blind in one eye from ERU-tried everything over the years-give him powdered ASA and glucosamine daily with minimal flare-ups now. 


A: One of the most common eye problems in horses is chronic uveitis, or intraocular inflammation. Old terms for this disease include Moon Blindness, and Equine Periodic Ophthalmia.  Homeopathic treatment using msm powder has been used in the aid of this disease in horses. There is no clinical research evidence that it helps, but it apparently does no harm when given. But some ERU cases say the use of MSM has proven helpful in many of their horse cases.


Q: Would MSM be beneficial to healing the enlarged area on a yearling's leg from check ligament surgery (surgery to correct club foot)?  The yearling's surgery was 3 months ago.  The area on the surgery is still enlarged but soft.  Would it help reduce the enlarged area?

A: Yes msm can help to reduce the inflammation from surgery.




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